Take Care Of What’s Important

Here at the Money Club, we always make a point to ensure that we are taking care of the important stuff, from small details to the big picture. Sometimes the small details can get overlooked and as a result, cause problems down the road. Sometimes the small details are of utmost importance, so be sure not to overlook something just because it seems trivial or unimportant. Verify the importance of every detail. On the other hand, some people get so wrapped up in the small details that they totally forget the big picture. For instance, the breadwinner that’s so focused on making sure he is providing for his family that he forgets to invest time into his most important investment – his children.

Sometimes the small details must be inspected thoroughly. A great example of this would be a tax return. Each line seems a minor detail, but if you’ve miscalculated or ignored just one line, it can throw off your entire return. Imagine going through a 3 year tax audit because you inadvertently skimmed over small (yet important) parts of your tax return. Our Lubbock computer repair company reminded us of an example of taking care of the small details. Setting up your computer with regular backups is a relatively minor task, that once set up, will continue to protect your important and sensitive data on your PC, but if you just gloss over it saying “I’ll get to it one of these days”, that day will eventually come, but you will have lost all of your important data.

The big picture is what motivates most successful people. You may call it the “big picture”, your “goal”, your “why”, or whatever pet name you like. It is what drives you to do what you do, whether it’s a future home, a successfully college-graduated child, or even just an expensive vacation. The big picture can be smaller – finishing a project or article, for instance. Sometimes the right decision is to take “imperfect action”. Prioritize what’s important and make progress on the actions that will best benefit you, and move you closer to your big picture. We’ve watched as an employee tried to micromanage her day down to the minute, and when the schedule invariably was altered, she was so intent on maintaining the schedule she had set, that it actually caused havoc on everyone else’s schedule. She didn’t realize how her focus on the small details of her schedule was impacting the big picture of the company’s mission/goal. I’m also reminded of one of our web content developers. He would review and revise his articles over and over again, because it didn’t seem “exactly right”. As a result, his articles were always late. The content of the articles didn’t vary much from his first draft to his final draft, so the extra time he took to make the article perfect was just wasted, because the message of the article didn’t change, just some minor wording.

Importance can’t be assigned to just small details, or just big picture tasks. Each person must designate importance in a manner that works for him. Deciding what’s important is not a difficult task. The difficulty comes in remembering what you’ve decided is important. The breadwinner we talked about before had already decided that his children were important, but he forgot to follow through with his decision, and began to focus on something other than what was of ultimate importance.